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Title: A fractional order pine wilt disease model with Caputo–Fabrizio derivative
Keywords: Dérivé fractionnaire de Caputo – Fabrizio (CF); Maladie du flétrissement de la pinte; Mathématique modèle; Théorème du point fixe de Banach
Caputo–Fabrizio (CF) fractional derivative; Pint wilt disease; Mathematical model; Fixed point theorem
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Larbi Tbessi University – Tebessa
Abstract: A Caputo–Fabrizio type fractional order mathematical model for the dynamics of pine wilt disease (FPWD) is presented. The basic properties of the model are investigated. The existence and uniqueness of the solution for the proposed FPWD model are given via the fixed point theorem. The non-integer order derivative provides more flexible and deeper information about the complexity of the dynamics of the proposed FPWD model than the integer order models established before
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