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Title: Aboutt Ensemblle Conttrollllabiilliitty Off Parametter Dependentt Systtems
Authors: Brahmi, Belqys
Belgacemi, Loubna
Keywords: مجموعة التحكم، الأنظمة المعتمدة على المعلمات، مجموعة الملاحظة، إمكانية التحكم الموحد في المجموعة الفارغة، متوسط التحكم
Ensemble controllability, parameter dependent systems, ensemble observability, uniform null ensemble controllability, averaged control
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Larbi Tebessi University - Tebessa
Abstract: This memory provides an overview of recent developments in ensemble controllability.Inparameter- dependent linear systems,we look at various ensemble control concepts that have been actively developed over the past decade As an example ,we cite the work of Li [9] and Khaneja [10]. The goal of the control function is to steer the ensemble system to a desired parameter independent state,by implementing parameter-independent open loop controls, then necessary and sufficient conditions for ensemble control are established using methods from complex approximation theory. We consider the problem of ensemble controllability for finite and infinite linear systems, and we provide an overview of the observational ensemble due to its strong connection with the memory theme.
URI: http//localhost:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/4648
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